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How to Have your Kids Party at Home

By Sinead Hamill

I’m sure we can all recall being children and our parents throwing us birthday parties at home.  Do you remember the excitement of having your friends come over to your house?  You were confident, in control, the king /queen of the castle and made to feel so 

special by everyone.  This was just one of the many benefits of having a party in your own home.  Today many parents are choosing to have their child’s party outside the home, in some sort of activity centre, where a lot of the burden of party planning and hosting will be taken away from them. Whilst the kids will probably have a great time wherever they are, there are some benefits to having the party at home that just can’t be beaten:


  • Traditional Party Games:  In today’s society everything is just so fast paced and high tech.  Throwing a party in your home brings back some of the simplicity of childhood, which we all enjoyed so much.  Games such as ‘Pass the Parcel’, ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ are timeless games that children everywhere will love.

  • Memories: Throwing your child’s party at home means you can make the party unique to them.  Together, choose a theme that they will love.  Decorate your home and plan activities based around the chosen theme.  Children are regularly brought to play zones and activity centres throughout the year.  Having the party in your house will make it stand out from their other memories.  You have the power to make it special for them, something to be remembered!

  • Peace of Mind: Having the party at home enables you to be more in control.  You know all of the children are safe and secure.  If there are any incidents or one of the children needs something, you have all your supplies and resources immediately at hand.

So now you know some of the benefits of having your child’s party at home, how do you go about organising it with a minimum of stress?

Preparation: As with anything, preparation is the key to a successful party.  Begin by planning the party well in advance.  With your child decide on the theme of the party and who to invite.  Send invitations out well in advance so your child is less likely to be disappointed by their friends already having alternative plans for that day.  Make sure you have plenty of supplies, including party food, props and materials for games, prizes and party-bag goodies.  It’s better to be over stocked than getting caught short and leaving a child without something.  

Activities: Always plan more activities than you will have time for.  Younger children will need the activities changed more often.  Generally speaking two hours of entertainment planning should be plenty.  After that children will start getting hungry and asking for the food.  Try to mix the activities up with energetic games followed by calmer activities such as arts and crafts, to bring the peace back before feeding time!

Siblings: Allow the birthday child’s siblings to invite friends over so that they won’t feel left out and be looking for your attention.

Share the Jobs:  Trying to be the children’s entertainer, get the food ready, and be a good host to other parents who may like to stay for the duration of the party may be a bit much for one person to handle on their own.   If needs be, call on family members to help out with the running of the party. 

Another option of course is to hire in a Kid’s Party Entertainer, from the likes of ‘Rhyme Time – Party Time’, who will take a huge amount of the stress off you.  Party entertainers will arrive with party props, materials required and hours of planned fun catered specifically to your child’s wishes, leaving you free to take photographs, get to know the other parents and relax, knowing the children are in good capable hands.

A party entertainer from ‘Rhyme Time – Party Time’ can help make your child’s special day one to remember. Just email us for more information at
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