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Home Connection Cards

Home Connection Cards were designed to support children who feel a bit nervous or anxious about going somewhere outside of the home, such as school, camps, extra-curricular classes and more. They are suitable for children from preschool through the primary years and can be used anytime your child has to go somewhere without you.  There are twenty cards per pack, including an instructional card.

From my experience, as a mother of two young children and having worked for more than twenty years in Montessori and Childcare, I have seen how comforting and reassuring it is for children to have a connection to home, when they are away from their parents or caregivers. 


Inspired by my wish to support my daughter when she was starting school, I designed this pack of Home Connection Cards. Each card has a “home drawn” picture with a supportive, loving message written on it. Before they leave your home, choose a card from the pack and explain to your child, the meaning of it. Then, pop it into their lunchbox or bag. 

Anytime they feel a little upset, nervous or are missing you, they can take the card out, which will help them to feel your connection as they remember the loving words and message you previously shared with them. This will hopefully give your child the reassurance and support they need to happily continue with their day. I hope these cards bring your children as much joy and comfort as they have my own. 

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If you would like to purchase cards for the children in your life (€15 per packet), please visit the Store page using the button below. If you would like more information, please contact me on

Best Wishes,


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